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You're listening to Happy Hour Hustle, a bi-weekly podcast featuring the musings and witty remarks of the one and only Kim Bode. We can promise at least 2 terrible jokes out of Kim and at least 10 minutes of incredible thought leadership from some amazing and influential guests. So grab a glass of iced red wine and join us for a wild ride. Here's Kim!

Dec 15, 2022

Move over, Happy Hour Hustle listeners. Our Gen Z team members are front and center in this episode. Kim chats with Emma and Amberly about internship takeaways, the "real world", and Gen Z lingo. We're pretty sure you'll vibe with this one. 


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Nov 4, 2022

Get the balloons and birthday cake ready... We're celebrating! 8THIRTYFOUR has been around for sixteen years, so we're sitting down with Kim to talk about the adventure it's been to get here today.


You know what to do. Grab some iced red wine and get ready to listen to some pretty badass advice.

Oct 7, 2022

Looking for tips on account management AND beer recommendations? You're in luck. Kim sat down with Derek, 8THIRTYFOUR's Marketing Specialist. From project management tools, to the best fall beers, and a little childhood story thrown in the mix, we promise you'll be entertained.

Jul 28, 2022

Emma and Lauren sit down to chat all about the lovely neighborhood that is Creston. Since the 8THIRTYFOUR crew joined the community last year, we've had plenty of time to check out all of the best features: food, art, coffee, and more. 


Give it a listen and tell us your personal Creston highlights. And of course,...

Jul 15, 2022

8THIRTYFOUR's Social Media Specialist, Kelsey, joins for an episode of Happy Hour Hustle to go all in on social media campaigns. We're talking about target audiences, building strategy, and misconceptions about social media management. 


Kelsey lays it out for you, but if you're looking for more details you should...