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You're listening to Happy Hour Hustle, a bi-weekly podcast featuring the musings and witty remarks of the one and only Kim Bode. We can promise at least 2 terrible jokes out of Kim and at least 10 minutes of incredible thought leadership from some amazing and influential guests. So grab a glass of iced red wine and join us for a wild ride. Here's Kim!

Dec 12, 2019

Join Rowan, standing in for Kim, Chris Singel, Digital Director, and Erica Statly, Digital Associate. This is 8THIRTYFOUR's Digital Team and today they're unpackaging the confusing world of digital marketing and answering some commonly asked questions. 



Nov 26, 2019

Join Kim, Mia Jankowiak Director of Marketing & Events at the Grand Rapids Chamber, and Laura Traxler, Director of Membership. The trio discuss common misconceptions about sales and marketing and how the two use each other to fully function. 

Nov 14, 2019

Join Kim and Keri Kujala, owner of Special Occasions Event Rentals & Design, as they reflect on their journeys as small business owners and dish out tips, tricks and secrets for anyone beginning the journey themselves. 




Oct 31, 2019

Join Ro, content lead at 8THIRTYFOUR, and Chris, Digital Marketing Director at 8THIRTYFOUR. During this episode, they discuss the in's and out's of content marketing and how to align your strategy so it can cut through the noise. 



Oct 17, 2019

Join Kim and Chris Andrus, owner of Mitten Brewing in Grand Rapids, MI as they discuss the SmallBiz4Equality coalition and the different ways their businesses stand up for and support causes within the community.